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Cats are like tribbles ...

The number-one humane call & neglect issue in our county is the excess number of cats. 

Thank you for caring about homeless and stray cats.

If you have found a feline, call you vet or local animal shelter to see if someone reported it missing, and if they might scan the cat for a microchip to find its owner. You can also post the found cat on local Lost & Found Pet sites. While most shelters have a waiting list of cats needing to come in, you can ask if they have room for the cat or if you can get on a waiting list.


If your challenge is too many cats, your situation may have started with one person with a big heart, trying to help one cat. Now there seem to be cats -- everywhere. 

We created this page, dedicated to all the homeless cats out there, because our humane officers get calls daily from people, like you, needing help.

The bottom line is you are the cat's only hope.

The Bad News

There is NO shelter, NO rescue, and NO BODY who will come to your neighborhood, collect the stray cats, and find them homes.


Cats are like tribbles .. in seven years, up to 4,948 kittens can be born from one unspayed female cat and her offspring.

No action today means that the cats in your community will double in about 18 months.

The Good News

  1. One way to discourage felines from frequenting your yard is to use cat deterrent. Click here for one product that has been successful in a few of our cases.

  2. You can make a difference. The most proven strategy for dealing with stray cats that have nowhere to go is to trap, spay and release. Done faithfully, the colony should dwindle and disappear within a few years as outside cats have an average lifespan of two to five years. Click here to learn more about homeless cats and how to help them.

  3. Spay and neuter programs offer special prices for these felines. Click here for some serving Armstrong County.

  4. Cats (and other domestic animals) are protected from abuse and neglect. It is illegal to:

* shoot, poison or otherwise injure, no matter if they are owned or unowned (See § 5534. Aggravated cruelty to animal. Tortures an animal.)

* trap and relocate to an area where care will not be provided or any place that you do not have the landowner's express permission. (See § 5533. Cruelty to animal. Abandons an animal.)

Violations of these statutes range from summary to felony offenses and are enforced.

It is legal to humanely trap and relocate cats to a location in which they are wanted and will be cared for. You must have the property owner's permission and cooperation. It is important to propertly integrate them into their new home or they will run away. Click here for how to make your relocation project a success.

It takes one person who cares enough to step up to be their advocate. You may be their only hope.

We are working together to help the felines, click on the button, below, to join us.

Thank you for caring about the cats. 

Humane Animal Allies * PO Box 441, Kittanning, PA 16201 *
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