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Promoting respect and compassion for all living creatures in the hearts and minds of those in our community.

Thank you for caring about animals!

Do you have a concern about an animal? The first step to help is to contact the right person. For ...


Neglect/cruelty/humane issues, owned pets left in home/on property, dog fighting: click here to report concerns.


Stray or too many cats, click here.

Stray and loose dogs, dog bites, damage claims, damage to livestock (dog/coyote), kennels/hoarders (non-cruelty), dog license/ rabies check: contact Dog Warden Matthew Patrick, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday, (724) 525-6490


Medical emergencies (non-owned) animals: call 911


Emergencies involving animals, natural disasters, house/barn fires, motor vehicle accidents, evacuating animals in immediate danger, Armstrong County Animal Response Team (ACART) by calling 911 to engage the ACART team.


Stray  & loose dogs, dog bites/quarantines, noise complaints (barking), abandonment/neglect/cruelty, dog fighting, foreclosure, livestock running at large: call your local or state police.


Thank you to ACCF for its generous donation!  Click here for the story!

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